Committed to the Environment

Construction practices are evolving toward better building standards, greater performance and a smaller environmental footprint. We strive to provide healthy, energy-efficient spaces that consume as few natural resources as possible.  


Energy-Efficient Design
In recent years, homes have become more airtight and require ventilation systems for optimal air exchange and indoor air quality. We employ high-performance construction technology that helps reduce thermal bridging in the building envelope, ensuring higher energy efficiency, better ventilation and greater moisture control.

Heat-on-Demand Hydronic Systems
We were thrilled to use heat-on-demand hydronic systems twice in recent projects—once with a water storage system that helped efficiently provide heat and hot water for a triplex. In this case, tenant costs were minimized to only LED lights and appliances.

A domestic household boiler room with a new modern gas boiler, heating electric warm water system and pipes

Healthy Materials, Healthier Homes
As builders, we make conscious choices every day in the paints, materials, floors and fixtures we select to offer higher health standards for tenants and homeowners. Working with many of our partners, we take advantage of new products that reduce off-gassing (VOCs) and harmful composites, thereby ensuring healthier homes.

Backyard Rainwater Capture + Irrigation
In our proposed developments, we will install backyard rainwater capture systems that reduce water bills, including city storm sewer charges. An inch of rainfall on a 2,000 sq ft residential roof generates more than 4,700 litres of water—harvested properly, this rainwater can be used for landscape irrigation, even during municipal watering bans. We employ rooftop catchment; conveyance through eavestroughs and downspouts; and storage/distribution systems to help tenants save money and preserve this increasingly scarce resource.


Solar Panels and Shingles + Powerwall
The solar power industry is rapidly advancing, as new technologies allow innovators like SolarCity’s Elon Musk to shingle their roof entirely in solar cells. At Norm|Foster, we’re strong advocates of solar power. Our next project will employ panels in accord with neighbourhood aesthetics, along with solar shingles, if consumer-ready. Compact Tesla Powerwall batteries harness the sun’s energy; the latest model can power a two-bedroom home for a full day.

Power supply for hybrid electric car charging battery
Tesla Energy's home battery, Powerwall, is seen newly installed in the home of Steven YatesÊ in Monkton, Vermont on Monday, May 2, 2016.
Solar panels installed on the roof

Power Supply for Electric Automobiles
Hybrid/electric cars are growing in popularity as consumers increasingly favour vehicles that conserve fuel and produce fewer CO2 emissions. In our new developments, we aim to provide dedicated charging stations for tenants’ convenience. Nationally, less dependence on fossil fuels preserves resources and reduces the price of gasoline in our domestic market.