About Us

Norm Foster Properties is a Canadian real estate development company offering high-quality, sustainable living spaces in Victoria, BC, and Ottawa, ON. Our mission is to provide healthier homes and rentals for ecologically minded families and communities.

Founded in 2004, we started with our first five-plex rental property in Ottawa and have since expanded our rentals in that area, along with additional rentals and new home developments in Victoria. In all of our renovations and building projects, we strive to conserve natural resources and improve living conditions, while reducing costs for buyers and tenants.

Our company is named in honour of the late Norm Foster — a model-making engineer at Bell Northern Research. Foster invented innovative products, with meticulous attention to detail, care and craftsmanship. The legacy of his work remains the inspiration behind our quality, sustainable homes, rentals and renovations today.

As a way of giving back, we hold dear and support the following:

Greater Victoria Kidsport (Bronze sponsor)
Eldercare Foundation, Victoria (contributor)
Victoria Fruit Tree Project (contributor)
Creatively United for the Planet (sponsor)
This is Leadership (sponsor)
David Lynch Foundation (contributor)
Operation Husky 2013, and 2018 (founder/sponsor)
Respect Campaign (co-founder/sponsor)
Canada Company (Board Member)
The Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative (sponsor)
Military Employment Transition Program (sponsor)
Children’s Hospital (Leaders Circle)
The Mustard Seed (sponsor)


Stephen Gregory, MSM

Steve has family roots in landscape architecture and owns properties in three provinces. Steve is the founder and President of IsaiX Technologies, a training and development firm which has a client list of over 160 international firms, and has won honours, such as Partner of the Year from TD Canada Trust. Steve organizes, volunteers and sponsors many programs that pay respect to our military veterans. He spent 7 years organizing a tribute to the Canadian soldiers who fought in Sicily in 1943, after which he was awarded the Governor General’s Meritorious Service Medal, and received an appointment as Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of the 2RCA. Victoria author Mark Zeuhlke’s book, Through Blood and Sweat, outlines Steve’s Operation Husky project which involved hundreds of Canadians. Steve’s Respect Campaign banners found on airports help fund programs for homeless veterans and PTSD.

Wayne Foster

Wayne lives on Bank Street in Victoria and has spent 14 years in real estate development in Victoria and Ottawa. He is a proponent of sustainable development and is Senior Consultant at IsaiX Technologies, where he has consulted with the Public Health Agency of Canada. Wayne co-authored Health Care in Canada, an extensive learning guide on Canada’s health care system. Passionate about health and safety, Wayne volunteered to organize Canada’s first national media conference of scientists concerned about genetically modified foods in 1994, and he also helped with legislation to ban BgH in milk. Additionally, he founded the National Council for a Crime-Free Canada, organizing 12 national tours aimed at crime prevention and reducing recidivism and addictions, working with senior leaders in crime-prevention, Parliament, Justice and the Human Rights Commission.